• Carnival BKK

    Domain: Retail apparel and Fashion

    CARNIVAL is an e-commerce application from Carnival that can shop and follow the news about products in the Carnival store anytime, anywhere by collecting limited edition shoes. And over 50 streetwear brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, Puma, Asics Tiger, Carnival, Stussy, and more than 10,000 items in one place.


    Highlight features:

    • Virtual Membership Card

    • Personalize your news feed

    • Keep up to date with the latest product

    • Earn Points for every online and in-store purchase

    • Create an account and shop easily for all products in online store

  • Yojee delivery system

    Domain: Delivery, Tracking

    A delivery management software that allows you to gain full visibility and control of your logistics operations, manage your partners and scale your business. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as reduce the number of customer service inquiries


    Highlight features:

    • Driver App

    • Live Tracking

    • Analytics and Reporting

    • Manage your delivery partners

    • Route planning and route optimization

  • Splyza Teams

    Domain: Sport, Education, Edit Video, Media

    Splyza Teams application provides A video communication tool for sports teams. It supports Analyzing videos by drawing on screen just like the sports commentators.
    Tag videos to easily find specific plays during specific events.


    Highlight features:

    • Tag and analyze

    • Video editing tools (trim, draw, comment)

    • Slow motion, fast-forward, and frame-by-frame playback

    • Share videos with players and teammates in a closed SNS environment

  • Now Health International

    Domain: Health, Insurance

    Now Health International members can now access our network of hospitals and clinics through our app using the Find a Provider service, which is available for Android. It lets you search for medical providers based on geographical location or specialty. The Now Health app also lets you submit a claim directly with our easy step-by-step Claim Form.


    Highlight features:

    • Call the medical facility directly from the app

    • Create a favorites list of medical facilities you regularly use

    • Add an appointment to your Smart Phone calendar directly from the app

    • Search for a medical facility by region, country, city, type, or medical specialty

    • Submit a claim when you’ve had to pay and want to reimburse your medical expenses

  • Singularity

    Domain: Asset Management

    Singularity controls the life cycle of your technical assets and the key issues around your energy/carbon trajectory through 2030 and 2040. They support the full investment lifecycle with a single data model, across all asset classes, Singularity is an agile and intuitive investment operations solution that helps clients enhance operational efficiency and achieve better investment outcomes.


    Highlight features:

    • CSR data collection

    • Energy/CO2 trajectory

    • Automatic multi-year plan generation

    • Piloting the multiyear plan implementation

    • Tracking real spending vs validated budget

  • CreatorHub.ai

    Domain: Tools, Edit Audio, Media

    A set of products that utilize state-of-the-art AI algorithms to facilitate the work of content creators. With Creator HUB, you can create beautiful videos by applying filters designed by your favorite creators.


    Highlight features:

    • Compress, and convert video and audio

    • Enhance, de-noise, and remove background images

    • Cut, trim, crop, add subtitles, and progress bars, transcribe for video

  • Ø-Hjul

    Domain: Booking, e-commerce

    Ø-Hjul is an E-Bike solution getting you around Samsø Island in the easiest and most convenient way. Book an e-bike through the app and explore the countryside, cinema scene, idyllic small town, cultural events, and taste of locally produced food.


    Highlight features:

    • Live Tracking bike

    • Manage orders

    • Dynamic pickup and drop-off places

    • Book multiple bikes on the App or website

    • Analytics and Reporting orders in monthly, weekly

  • BCA Welma

    Domain: Asset Management, Banking, Finance

    Welma is a mobile application from BCA that is used to get information about BCA wealth products, users can register investor data, and view portfolios and investment transactions. BCA's wealth products are Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Insurance.
    Welma is a mobile application from BCA that is used to get information about BCA wealth products, users can register investor data, and view portfolios and investment transactions. BCA's wealth products are Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Insurance.


    Highlight features:

    • Manage mutual Fund and bond transactions

    • Manage, and create insights from investor data

    • Manage mutual fund, bond, and insurance details

    • Store investment transaction portfolio and history

  • Voice Recorder

    Domain: Tools, Edit Audio, Media

    Best recorder for sound recording with high quality. It is simple and easy to use. Users can reliably record their meetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, and songs. There are no time limits. This application can record most of the voice.


    Highlight features:

    • High-quality voice recorder

    • Audio editor and cutter

    • Record when the screen is off

    • Simple and smart recorder


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