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BKPlus is an expert firm in the field of software development, focusing on creating web applications, mobile applications, and providing outsourcing for companies of various scales. We assist our clients in both technological and business aspects, aiming to help them reach their desired goals and objectives.

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BKPlus - Transform Your Ideas into Reality

Founded in 2017, we are a self-managed technology consulting firm that provides consulting and innovative solutions to businesses. Our experts engage across all industries, from financial services and transportation to healthcare and technology. With the goal of becoming the number 1 enterprise in Vietnam in consulting and implementing digital transformation, we cooperate with organizations, businesses, and individuals to fulfill the mission of bringing the good values that the field of technology can bring.


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BKPlus is unique

Our mission is to help you create human-centric digital experiences that capture the hearts and minds of your customers.

Customer First

Creating new digital possibilities with a client first approach and high integrity, BKPlus empowers enterprises to measure their success and progress through unique future proof technology solutions that drive value.

World class software engineer

BKPlus embraces “disruptive thinking” in it's consultancy. We understand business is changing, our mind focus on helping you navigate and thrive all type of difficulty

Life-long project lifecycle

Building a collaborative work culture, BKPlus team has the talent and innovators for helping enterprises uncover sustainable growth opportunities by harnessing the latest technologies and digital ecosystems.

Focused on making a big and quantifiable difference.

Embracing R&D-driven technology innovations, BKPlus helps enterprises turn vertical disruptions into business transformation and harnesses breakthrough digital solutions that swiftly improve business outcomes.


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We provide services to customers with the best experience

Here’s what our Amazing Clients have to say till now.

Jessica Ngo
Jessica Ngo
Product Manager, Provis
BKPlus’s timeliness is remarkable. Almost all of the features we’ve planned have been developed and delivered on time. Whenever we’ve realized that a feature is taking longer than expected or there is a scope change needed, they’ve let me know about needed extra time with plenty of notice. We’ve never had any surprises because they always do their best to stick to the project schedule. We use Trello to manage the project, as well as Microsoft Teams to communicate.
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran
Product Manager, Dragon Investment
Working with BKPlus Software has been excellent; the project was completed according to the design requirement, and the new brand and website look fantastic and are extremely useful.Thank you, and congratulations on a job well done!
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen
Product Manager, Twister Design
BKPlus has helped us planning and implement our product within 2 months. Previously, we've never thought we can make it thought 6 months, but BKPlus just delivered.


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