What is User Acquisition for Mobile Apps?

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User acquisition is an important method for mobile apps to achieve growth targets and build a sustainable community of users – long-term app users. This method needs to be implemented based on data to identify and reach high-value users to gradually increase operational efficiency. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about user acquisition (UA), including key definitions and the importance of a UA strategy.

What is User Acquisition for Mobile Apps?

User acquisition (UA) can be understood as the recruitment of users or the conversion of users. User acquisition is the process of running advertising campaigns on mobile devices through data-driven.

This term is used in the marketing industry to attract and persuade customers to buy your products, increase awareness of applications, platforms or services and acquire new customers. potential or existing customers. Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, which are usually carried out in several phases, UA aims to convert and retain users immediately. Most commonly, UA is used by application developers to focus largely or entirely on social media channels such as social networks. UA is often used on tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google,… or additional third-party tools to automate and streamline various aspects of the campaign. Translation attracts users.

How Does User Acquisition Work?

Businesses will not use the same campaigns, but essentially businesses need to follow a certain operating process, involving data loops, creative idea building and testing experience. Below is the basic operating process of UA.

Identify Potential Customers

The first step is also the most important: you need to find potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your company’s products, including existing customers and users, similar products and services on the market. The scope of identifying potential customers can refer to a specific geographical area or to the whole world, or to people who use Android or iOS. 

In addition, potential customers must be people who fully meet the customers’ needs: certain criteria in terms of the amount of money they have spent on a particular application or program, the activities they have performed, or the milestones they have achieved over a certain period of time, full day or possibly for a certain period of time. UA and conversion efforts should be focused on the most important.

What is User Acquisition for Mobile Apps?

Select Objects and Goals

The second step is to create a target group of similar customers and target groups based on precise data points and data areas as well as a combination of different criteria. These target groups include current customers and users for cross-selling initiatives. The same or similar customers of the services have achieved the specified benefits or goals within this app or program. 

The total number of similar customers and target groups varies from one campaign to another. Companies can use hundreds or even thousands of customers and target groups to test their products and adapt them to customer needs. This is an important step for the success of your customer acquisition campaign.

Deploy and Test Advertising

Once you have determined your target audience, you need to deploy high-quality advertising on the desired channel and select the appropriate form of advertising. Although ads cannot achieve the goal of attracting all users, an ad can help you make big profits. 

After testing ads, you will know which ads are effective. can maximize across systems and for what reason it wins. Businesses that create ads can minimize advertising costs by using simple variations such as colors, images, fonts, layouts, etc. Ad testing is always important and necessary to keep a company’s campaigns fresh and increase the number of users.

Why User Acquisition on Mobile?

Over 2.7 billion smartphones and 1.35 billion tablets are in use worldwide today. On average, each person spends 1 hour per day on social networks and interacting with digital applications. Mobile user acquisition campaigns are hugely valuable because they meet customers and consumers where they are in the digital environment.

Promote Digital Transformation Easily

Social media platforms help advertisers obtain a variety of user data and find precise target customers. Also, users download or uninstall apps on their phones easily. Therefore, user acquisition campaigns on phones not only fulfill consumers’ needs but also bring immediate profits.

What is User Acquisition for Mobile Apps?

Cost Effective

User Acquisition cost of user acquisition per installation (CPI) and the basic customer acquisition cost (CAC) for mobile user acquisition campaigns are lower than for other advertising channels. Due to changes in the industry, the cost of mobile advertising is also much lower.

In 2018, Facebook and Google App campaigns introduced machine learning algorithms that take over the functions of UA campaigns and automatic workflow automation. This is a big plus for UA managers. Medium, small and large advertisers will not only have more time for ad development and testing, but will also be able to increase app downloads and installs, increase profits and reduce advertising costs.

Measuring Campaign Performance

Using UA on mobile devices helps managers and businesses achieve many other benefits such as: The ability to display detailed and sharp information about user application activities. Indeed, advertisers can go beyond the number of users to evaluate the quality and value of users.

Besides, this also helps managers and advertisers easily adjust campaigns and Changing advertising costs on social media channels, helping customers use more actively and have a higher purchasing ability. UA can be considered the “lifeblood” of a business. Since, businesses must have customers to be able to bring in revenue and profits, as well as develop business operations more smoothly. 


With the right measures and approaches, brands and developers can expect a higher potential to attract the attention of users. Assess your audience and market correctly and recognise the most important needs to focus on. Choose marketing approaches, tools and platforms to subsequently promote your content.

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